Viroc cement bonded particle boards offer a cost-effective, natural façade solution with a wide variety of applications. Combining the strength and durability of cement with the flexibility and workability of wood, Viroc cement bonded particle boards are used widely by architects, designers and installers for its many benefits.

The Viroc board is a composite material, created from a compressed and dry mixture of pine wood particles and cement. Its natural appearance can be finished to suit varied architectural needs, with either a raw, polished or sanded appearance. Depending on the chosen finish, wood particles can be visible on the surface of the board, enhancing its natural appeal

Viroc boards offer a B1 fire rating, according to European standards, making it the ideal facade for a variety of structures where safety is paramount. Add to this, moisture resistance, thermal efficiency and ease of installation, Viroc boards offers the ideal solution for versatile projects with demanding specifications, yet balanced with cost efficiency.

Viroc provides a 10 year warranty on its boards against deterioration from the date of purchase.