Features and Benefits

Viroc not only delivers as a cost effective façade choice, but the material composition lends itself to a multitude of benefits.


Non Toxic
Viroc cement bonded particle boards do not contain silica, asbestos or formaldehyde, making it a non-toxic and eco-friendly material.


Fire Resistant
Tested according to EN-13501 European standards, Viroc offers a B-s1,d0 fire rating based on surface spread of flame.


Sound Insulation
Viroc boards offer a good level of sound insulation (varies according to thickness) which can be upto 37 dB of airborne sound resistance based on a 22mm board thickness


Moisture Resistant
Viroc is impermeable to water or water vapour, making it an excellent choice to stand up to extreme weather conditions.


Thermal Insulation
Ideal for both cold and hot climates, Viroc offers an excellent level of thermal insulation, a growing consideration in many sectors as housing, public services and commercial builds.


Board Strength
The board strength of Viroc allows it to be a versatile structural support material for applications as roofing and durable enough to be used in the application of flooring. This strength and durability enables the board to carry weight well, in places where hard-wearing surfaces is essential.


Easy Installation
Standard tools and fixing systems are suitable with the use of Viroc boards making it an easy and straight-forward installation option.


Easy to fabricate
Viroc boards can be cut, drilled, sanded, varnished and painted.