A natural material with versatile applications

The applications for Viroc cement bonded particle boards are versatile, ideal for both outdoor and indoor use particularly as a decorative facade. Viroc’s structural strength lends itself to be used for flooring, partition walls, roof structures and ceilings. Furthermore, the natural beauty and aesthetics of the material shows its flexibility for uses in furniture, interior design and decorative architecture.

With a recommended minimum thickness of 12mm, Viroc can be used outdoors for ventilated facades, thanks to its thermal insulation properties. Paint or varnish can be applied to the board as a finish, adding a protective layer and enhancing its longevity.


Interior design
Thanks to its natural looking, rustic aesthetic, Viroc can be used creatively for furniture and interior design such as feature staircases, doors and counter-tops. A current architectural trend is to create a raw, urban warehouse feel throughout interior design, a look which Viroc beautifully carries off. The cement-bonded composition of Viroc has been adopted by many high-street retailers, to capture the stripped-back industrial trend perfectly.


Partition walls for hotel rooms, cinemas and leisure complexes are ideal applications of Viroc thanks to its acoustic absorption. Thanks to the materials moisture resistant properties, Viroc can be used in changing rooms, bathrooms and within swimming pool facilities, as the cement bonded particle board is not affected by moisture. Viroc applications can also extend to the covering and finishing of an existing wall, with the minimum thickness for indoors being 10mm and outdoor being 12mm.


The minimum recommended thickness for flooring is 19mm, however if used as an additional floor covering, the ideal thickness is 12mm. Ideal for refurbishment projects where existing floors are degraded, Viroc offers a durable solution with ease of installation. Furthermore, thanks to excellent water resistance, Viroc can support floor coverings within bathrooms and kitchen areas.


Ceilings and roofing
When finished with paint or varnish for long-lasting protection, Viroc can be used for both indoor and outdoor ceiling coverings with open joints between the boards. The minimum thickness indoors should be 10mm and 12mm for outdoor use. Thanks to its load-bearing strength, Viroc can also support roof coverings – with the recommended board thickness as 16mm.